Sharp Electronics (Europe) GmbH
The Green Economy S.r.l. is an official partner of the EU since 2015. Sharp Sharp Solar, with over 50 years of experience in the photovoltaic industry, it offers an essential contribution to the development with new technological standards. The Sharp photovoltaic modules, polycrystalline silicon, are intended for applications characterized by a high energy requirement. It is high quality modules, efficient and reliable even in harsh application conditions. In addition, they will be perfectly integrated with various types of plants, both from a technical and economic point of view, and can be installed in grid-connected facilities (connected to the network).

ABB Sistemi Fotovoltaici
The Green Economy S.r.l. is an official partner of ABB Renewable Energy by 2011. ABB, one of the leading groups of engineering in the world, it helps its customers to use electricity more efficiently and increase productivity in a sustainable way. The large ABB's offering for the photovoltaic industry includes solar inverters, components for detection systems, components, low voltage and its components. ABB also provides products and solutions for the solar panels and the production facilities of the cells, as well as for networking, in medium and high voltage.



KOSTAL Solar Electric
The Green Economy S.r.l. is an official partner of the KOSTAL Italy S.r.l. since 2011. KOSTAL produces electronic products, electromechanical and mechatronic forefront for renowned companies. With its 37 seats, the KOSTAL Group is present in 17 countries around the world, and today consists of 13,300 employees. The sector of the KOSTAL group activities includes the branches automotive electronics, renewable energy, industrial electronics, contact systems and control technology (SOMA GmbH). The high standards of KOSTAL include a deep awareness of the importance of quality, strict management errors, collateral and communication. These features allow us to proactively reach a high standard and maintain it for the benefit of our customers.



Omnik Italia S.r.l.
The Green Economy S.r.l. is an official partner of Omnik New Energy in 2015. The Omnik is created by Chinese and German innovation in the development and production of photovoltaic inverters (PV). Due to technical creativity and scientific management of Germany, Omnik won the first class R & D, as well as the management team and R & D including doctoral and master with qualified foreign institutions. Moreover, Omnik maintains relationships with prestigious academic institutions around the world. Technology integrated with the German and Chinese Manufactory, our products offer the best value for your investment. Certified by VDE-AR-N 4105, VDE 0126 (Germany), G83 / 2, G59 / 3 (UK), AS4777 (Australia) and other international certificates, Omniksol inverters have already had considerable success at the largest distributors in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Spain and many other countries around the world. The Omnik Inverters are appreciated for their illustrious specifications, for the stable performance and qualified for the after sales service.


Contact Italia S.r.l.
The Green Economy S.r.l. It is an official partner of the Contact Italy srl from 2012. The Contact Italy srl It specializes in the production and distribution of electrical equipment and installation of PV systems. Contact Italy produces and distributes cable connection systems, distribution systems, systems for electrical insulation, probes and connection elements as well as design and deploy support systems for photovoltaic plants. Products Contact Italy are designed and patented by a team of R & D department specialists constantly engaged in the study of innovative products. Contact Italy is a 'management company to manage that offers the opportunity for training and professional development.


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