Your privacy is almost more important for us than for you

We know, in fact, that if you betray your trust, we lose any chance of having you as a customer. Nothing is more important for us.

For this reason, we have set strict rules to guarantee 100%.

We do not sell or share your personal information with parties outside of our customers. In any case, at any price. We protect the personal information with the best technology. The most important databases are physically isolated from the outside. We use personal information only to carry out orders and to provide the best possible service. Nothing else. You will find full details of our privacy policies. If you need further information, please contact us.

Collection of Personal Information

Green Economy S.r.l. It collects information about its customers with three main instruments:

The registration form and other forms (eg. Questionnaires, opinions and comments on the products, etc.) That customers fill in a spontaneous and explicit. These data are in some cases required to follow orders, in others are optional and are used to help us offer a more personalized service. The "log" of online services, which record all site navigation, automatically and transparently to the user. These data are collected for reasons of safety and to be able to offer suggestions and proposals tailored according to client interests. The return data from email and direct communications that periodically sent out to registered customers.

Management of "cookies"

Green Economy S.r.l. It uses a "cookie" without maturity to recognize customers when they enter the site and can therefore propose immediately a personalized experience. The "cookie" can be deleted by following the standard procedure in the latest browsers. However, we do not recommend the cancellation, because it reduces our ability to serve you better. In addition to the "cookies" just described, Green Economy Srl can sometimes use other "cookie" temporary permit to better manage the user session (eg. during the payment process). Disabling "cookies" in the browser, some features may be impaired, including the technical possibility to accept customer orders.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information we collect is used for two main purposes: to perform your purchase orders and propose products and services more in line with your needs, your interests and your expectations. Our personalized proposals are generated by statistical and mathematical calculations, which over time are increasingly sophisticated and made precise. In addition, the communications we make to individual customers may contain suggestions defined by our employees who deal with package offers and manage the catalog.

Overall, the increase of information over time allows us to improve the level of service. As this takes place in full compliance with privacy and without risk to the customer, periodically visit and receive our email is a free and automatic help you make better shopping.

Sharing with third parties of personal data

Green Economy srl It does not share with third parties the personal data of customers, under any circumstances. Put more clearly, no one, outside of the Green Economy Srl, can know the data, behavior, preferences and other personal information. Green Economy S.r.l. can, in some cases, transmit outside analysis and aggregate data, but does not allow a third party to go back to each customer. For example, we may tell someone that we have 20% of clients living in Milan, but will never provide individual names or addresses. This our policy guarantees you 100% that the information about you will never spread by the Green Economy S.r.l. outside.

Third-party advertising

The Green Economy srl accepts third-party advertising on the site, in various forms: banners, email campaigns, promotions and sponsorships, etc. Advertisers, the Green Economy srl It offers the possibility to optimize investments also through customer profiling. For example, a mobile phone manufacturer may want to be visible only to those who have seen a specific product or browsing a certain category.

Even in the case of advertising, the Green Economy Srl It never provides data disaggregated or individual, nor allow third parties to communicate directly with customers. So, no advertiser has the opportunity to go back to the individual, unless it is expressly provided for by the campaign itself (for example, if the customer fills out a questionnaire from the supplier to participate in a contest). In this case, however, it's all very clear in the advertising page. If there are no visible signs, the data are not provided in any case to the advertiser.
Protection of personal information

Protecting our customers is the first ingredient of our success.

For this reason, we invest in technologies and, above all, in people to combine active and passive protection, constantly monitor the anomalies, to keep your systems and prevent threats. The most sensitive information is stored in dedicated systems, which are specifically protected and isolated from the outside, accessible only to authorized employees.

Access to personal information from customers

Every customer can view and edit your personal information by logging into your account Site and following the onscreen instructions.
You can also request the complete deletion of the account, but this prevents then place orders without a new recording.

The data collected from the logs and by email, however, are not directly accessible to customers. Can not be deleted on demand for technical and safety: the Green Economy S.r.l. It must be able to provide to the competent authorities on request the traces left by users.

You can also request the complete deletion of the writing. Please note that the cancellation prohibits making new orders unless a new recording.

Privacy policy

The personal and sensitive data are processed in accordance with the Italian Privacy Act. Is responsible Mr. Diego Erminio Caiazzo, CEO of the Green Economy S.r.l.

The Green Economy S.r.l. is a privately held company based in limitatacon Ruviano (Ce) and that since the parent has full access to the data of the website, in full respect for the privacy policies mentioned above.


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