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SolarEdge SE5K SetApp

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Three-phase string inverters. Max. Power 6,75 kWp DC. Monitoring embedded on the individual modules. Product warranty 12 years

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  • 12 years standard
  • Warranty extension to 20 years
  • Warranty extension to 25 years
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SolarEdge invented an intelligent inverter solution that revolutionized the way power is harvested and managed in a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. The SolarEdge direct current (‘‘DC’’) optimized inverter system maximizes power generation at the individual PV module level while lowering the cost of energy produced by the solar PV system. Addressing a broad range of solar market segments, from residential solar installations to commercial and small utility-scale solar installations, the SolarEdge system consists of power optimizers, inverters, and a cloud-based monitoring platform.

The SolarEdge system enables superior power harvesting and module management by deploying power optimizers to each PV module while maintaining a competitive system cost by keeping the alternating current (‘‘AC’’) inversion and grid interaction centralized using a simplified DC-AC inverter. Module manufacturers, installers, and system owners enjoy the benefits of SolarEdge technology, which allows maximum power production through module-level MPPT, optimal roof utilization through constraint-free design, and enhanced maintenance and accurate troubleshooting through module-level monitoring. Another benefit is the guaranteed automatic DC shutdown for installers, maintenance personnel, and firefighters through the unique SafeDC™ mechanism.

Three phase inverter feature highlights:
- Inverters specifically designed to work with power optimizers
- Superior efficiency (>97%)
- Excellent reliability with standard 12 year warranty (extendable to 20 or 25 years)
- Small, lightweight and easy to install
- Built-in module-level monitoring receiver
- Communication to internet via broadband or wireless ZigBee
- IP65 / NEMA 3R – Outdoor and indoor installation

  • Maximum power: 6,75 kWp
  • Manufacturer's warranty 12 years
  • Degree of protection IP65
  • Product Made in Extra EU
  • Typology: inverter trifase di stringa senza trasformatore
  • DC circuit breaker integrated
  • Max. input voltage: 900 V
  • Min. input voltage: 750 V
  • Certificates and approvals: IEC-62103 (EN50178), IEC-62109, VDE 0126-1-1, VDE-AR-N-4105, AS-4777, G83/G59, IEC61000-6-2, IEC61000-6-3, IEC61000-3-11, IEC61000-3-12, FCC parte 15 classe B, RoHS.
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) and weight: 315x540x260 mm. - 33,2 kg.

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